Focusing on a validated biologic pain target with a unique mechanism of action

Regulonix is an early-stage biotechnology company developing non-opioid therapeutics that relieve chronic pain. By indirectly targeting the well-established and genetically validated pain target NaV1.7 sodium channel and focusing on the signaling pathways that control channel activity, the Regulonix team has isolated compounds demonstrated in animal models to be non-addictive and more effective than morphine. This unique platform helps address a global pain management therapeutics market projected to reach $83B by 2024, affecting more than 100 million Americans and 1.5 billion people globally.

Over 11.5 million Americans annually misuse prescription opioids, with 115 people dying each day from overdoses[i]. This public health emergency is widely recognized by government agencies, including the CDC and FDA, as an urgent problem and one of their highest priorities.